Saturday, January 13, 2007

spanko junkie

yes i am one and i need my spankings just like a junkie needs drugs. with work being very busy and Master & i being wore out at days end it had been a while since my last one.

well after the one with the hair brush on Thursday it really picked me up i felt great. i must say i did not remember how great the afterglow made me feel. i love to see a red ass in the mirror and feel the heat from it. Master really put a good one on me and i felt better than i have in a while. i still had marks on Friday from it.

so i am here to let you and Master know i NEED my ass spanked more. i love it want it and most all NEED it. i still feel great.


Anonymous said...


I completely agree. There's simply better than a good session with the hairbrush to make one feel re-invigorated and re-energized.

...and the afterglow is the best part!


Anonymous said...

That's great, I agree. I think spanking is a cure for whatever blues and bitterness I may have.