Sunday, January 07, 2007

a new year

is here and that means more fun to cum for this slave. Master wants to expose me more in public this year. He loves to see me show off my body because it scares and excites me at the same time.

with my new cfm heels shorter skirts are a must along with tighter or see thru tops. this may also be the year i have to turn over all of my bras to Master as i did my panties. if that happens than i will be exposed as i will not have no access to them. some shirts i own are very lite & thin my hard nipples will shine like a bright lights thru them.

it will not matter that they show as i know i am doing it to please my Master/owner. i enjoy being His and all that He makes me do. it bring me much pleasure to serve Him. before He came into my life it was pretty dull life and not much fun. i did not know that at the time but i do now and i never want to go back to my old lifestyle. i am a submissive and i need to serve it fills me with joy when i do.

i can not tell you how much happiness Master & Mistress bring me by serving there every need.i hope this year brings more playtime with Mistress & cam man as we enjoy their play & company. on my knees waiting to serve you Mistress. swing your crop hard at my naked ass.

and i can not wait for 05/14 to get here as that will be shave day. Master is talking shave day might cum sooner as He looks at my pics of it bald. but for now i can only hope He tells me to shave it soon.

if anyone has any ideas for Master showing me off in public be sure to let Him know. i am sure there are some i have not tried but would love to.


His fucktoy said...

Hi kk,
Happy New Year!
Sounds like good exposing news by your Master!

There's always a surplus of ideas over on the blog of my Owner's shameless toy.

For instance, read "new open forum" and there's many public things there.

i, myself, enjoy the skirt/dress with no panties for easy access with items in holes that either buzz or risk falling out for humiliation.

There's always BDSM clubs?

And the more subtle things (sitting on restaurant seats, etc) bare assed or walking through crowded public places (airports, train stations, etc) with nothing on under a long coat but maybe panties (if you fear exposure) always makes me feel on edge.

Just some ideas. There's a lot more. i find it exposing (very) to take outside photos. Obviously, someone has to help which means they see me and there's nothing protected in the great outdoors.

Well, you asked and i hope it helps! Feel free to write me and my Owner for more if you want more ideas :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi kk, my Master had me in a short skirt and no panties or bra to go and see some boxing in Vegas last year, needless to say I didnt concentrate much on the fight, He had me bend in the foyer (close to a wall) and He slid His fingers straight up the back of my skirt as I "pretended" to rummage in my purse for something. At the bar at the Paris Casino afterwards He quizzed me whilst I was perched on a bar stool, (His fingers up my skirt and in my cunt), on the various fights we saw, for each wrong answer my my clit was pinched and I was told to open my legs wider, the skirt riding higher up my thighs and my face flaming, He then made me chat to a barman, with His fingers still working my cunt under the bar...I was a squirming wet mess!



Anonymous said...

Let's hope your Master posts pictures of you being exposed. And also hope he doesn't move up Shave Day until you've got a full bush and he also posts pictures.

kk said...

thanks toy & rosebud for your help in this matter.

Master enjoys getting ideas from others to help expose me.


Anonymous said...

I found great joy as He made me wear a plug for the duration of the evening.