Sunday, August 07, 2005

my walk in the park

oh what a wonderful day this has been. My Master got home today from a week away on
business. I had just bought a new very very short white dress especially for my Master. And
being that he loves to see me in public, I told him to meet me at the park at a certain time. With
my short white dress on I walked over to him and gave him the biggest hug and kiss ever. Oh
how I missed him so. And I know that he felt the same too. I felt like a kid in a candy store, I just
could not get enough of him. As we walked through the park he took a lot of different pictures of
me. Some of the pictures were of my bald naked pussy, the way we both like it. Then there were
the ones of my tits and my ass the way would could see them with my new dress on. Now it was
time for my spanking that I was longing for too. Master had me bend over the seat of the truck.
and started swating my ass until it was a nice shade of red. He swated me seventeen times and
each one was filled with so much of his love for me. Then I turned over and laid on my back
while he licked my pussy until I came. Then he put his fingers in my pussy and that made me
cum more. When he took his fingers out we licked all of my pussy cum off them.


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REBEKAH-n-Tennessee said...

Hey there. Just wanted to let you know how much i enjoy reading your blog. I prefer a similar lifestyle although i dont protray it in my blog. I am learning to be a sub and you intrigue me. KEEP IT UP DARLIN!!!!!!!!!!