Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ass after 24

i love to win and you can tell by the look on my ass in the profile pic. since my boys won this weekend that meant that i got double the amount of swats
on my ass. there were "24" hard swats placed on my ass and this is only pre-season.

what a long and painful season this will be for my ass especially if my boys win a lot of games. i really love this time of the year. with football games every week that will decide how many swats my ass will get weekly. that means i will have a post ass game report every week.

Master said he will update my profile pic at the first of each month so you can view what we say we do together on the blog.

this pic is a day early do to my big win. i just love the red ass.

P.S. legs are spread wide as is required by Master this time.

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