Wednesday, August 17, 2005

my ride home

it has been a very crazy day at work and i am very happy to be out of there until tomorrow.
Master helped me get my mind off of work and on to much better things. for one he said that
i was to drive home with only my shirt on. i was to have it buttoned only halfway so i would be
exposed for anyone to see. things like this gets me very excited so i end up playing with myself
on the way home too. most of the time traffic is very light and i am not stopped by anyone long
enough to notice. but there are the times when i do get a few glances and that makes it even more
enjoyable. sometimes my Master will call me before i get home just to see how my ride home is
going. for me this is a great way to unwind after a wild and crazy day at work. it leaves me totally

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Bud of "Us" said...


I've been known to drive with my cock and balls hanging out. Especially on long trips or trips where I know I'm going to get bored. I really don't care who sees unless I can see kids in the vehicle. Then I do cover with a handkerchief until I pass them.

When "The Wife" rides with me on some of these trips she can't help but lean over and start doing the ol' head thing on my hard cock and shaved balls. It makes for very interesting trips.

Who knows, maybe we've driven past one another.

Bud of "Us"