Sunday, August 14, 2005

my sunday walk in the park

today was a very special day for my Master n me. 15 months ago to the day i gave my Master his first
kiss from me and WOW how thing have change since then for us. it has taken a long time for the both
of us to find our perfect match. but our dreams have come true.
so we met in the park (our favorite place on a hot Sunday afternoon). After some huggin n muggin my Master
took me for a walk through the park on my leash. we would stop often to hug and kiss each other. the only
problem was that i never wanted to let him go so we could walk more. once my Master had me get on all
fours and pant like his slut puppy while he took my photo. yes he took a lot of photos of me today, but then he
always does take my pics when I am being his slut puppy.
today was a nice day on the weather side. it usually is around 100 degrees but today there was a very nice
sort of cool breeze with a light rain. my Master had me go out in the light rain so he could take more photos
of me. He has almost 200 photos of me in these the best ever 15 months of my life. today he took some
of me in my short white dress and some in a very short skirt and tube top. he did not miss taking any of my bald pussy (that he loves so much) as I set there with my legs spread wide for him and his camera.
i never thought that it was possible not to get enough of someone. but now i know that it is possible. God i
love my Master so much that i just cannot get enough of him.

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Bud of "Us" said...

Sounds like a wonderful day in the park. Congratulations on your 15th. month too.

Oh yeah, and that white dress is absolutely stunning!!! Not too short at all!