Thursday, August 18, 2005

a note by Master

I do not post on here as a rule this blog is for kk to tell her stories on of what we do together. We enjoy playing games very much with each other and I thought I would explain why she rode home with her shirt open and a naked ass.

When we first started playing with each other I would ask her what color underware she was wearing and she would tell me or have me guess. Well that led me to telling her to go remove her panties and bring them to me. Now this is all being done while at the office. She enjoyed those days so much when I would tell to remove her undies that today she does not wear any.

She would not leave the house without panties on back then. She was then told to start wearing thongs to work and that is another good story that she will tell sometime. Driving home half nude is a very common thing for her to do. She just enjoys it more when I tell her to do it. She is very submissive to me and enjoys being so. She does things that only a real submissive slave would for her Master.

She is a beautiful woman that I am very proud of and also love very much. I enjoy her showing her body as much as possible without her going to jail. She also enjoys being exposed. A long ride home playing with ones self half naked is a lot more fun then going home dressed and hot.

What I have is a want to be naked all the time monster on my hands here and I love every minute of it.


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