Saturday, October 29, 2005

braless again

another day at the office on Thursday braless in a very lite weight shirt as ordered by Master. it was somewhat of a cool day also so that made matters worse for me when i had to go out into the shop area.

several people noticed the hardness of my nipples showing thru asking me things like why do you have your hi beams on. one of the guys that i have been teasing even ask me if i was wearing panties. i told him no as i not longer own any panties. that brought a big smile to his face when he heard that. he knows i have a wild side he just does not know how wild it is yet.

Master told me i was putting on a good show and he was enjoying all the boy talk going on about my nips. we had very hot sex after work this day because i think i was already warmed up from my all day titty show.

Friday was not as good for me as i woke up cold and decided to wear my bra to work because i was not told not to so i did. Master would have like to have seen me go without it without being told too but he understood. also we needed to calm the boys down a little in the shop so they could get some work done.

i also got into my brat mode this day because Master went on a long lunch with some of the guys and did not ask me to go along. Master cannot and will not stand any attitude from me. so i knew i was in for it but i was mad and he was just going to have to deal with that and he did.

after work we always stop for a after work drink well tonight it was a drink and a spanking in the parking lot bent over the hood of my car. he stopped and picked up two beers and we went to our somewhat private parking area of a vacant office complex. we talked about my attitude and how it makes Master mad. he always tells me he loves everything about me but my attitude that I get once and a while.

i get the attitude much less since Master has come along and brought it to light with my punishment. after we talked and drank our drinks i was told to get out and get in position on the hood. that is bent over with bare nips on the cold metal hood of the car & hands stretched out overhead legs spread wide & bare ass naked.

then it hit the 1st swat with the crop. it always takes my breath away and i stood up straight but i always enjoy everyone my Master gives me. it took a little bit of time to say "Thank you Master i deserve that may i have another" tonight it was only 7 as they were harder then normal because he gets a better swing when we are outside. no ass kisses this time for this was punishment for bad behavior on my part.

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