Saturday, October 08, 2005

training equipment

the other day Master went to the pet store to look around in the horse department and he found some new toys for us to play with. on the receipt it listed the items as training equipment. Master said that they had named that right only no horse would feel the sting of these items just me his slave.

so on Monday after work and after the loss of the game Sunday it was punishment time. Master had the new training equipment with him and put it to use. i was given my football punisment on my ass with the new riding crop. it is short and has a very thin leather loop on the end. it made some really nice markings on my ass.

Master was not ready to stop playing with the new toys. after watching the s&m movies we had bought Master said that he has been way to easy on me and my punishment. in one of the movies there was a slave that was chained to a wooden platform on the floor on her back with her legs spread open and being whipped between them somewhat hard. Master said it was now my turn to be whipped like her.

we did not have a platform with us to be tied to but i was told to turn over and sit facing Master with legs spread wide apart hands on head as he whipped my front side leaving some very nice red marks of love on my naked body. the pain was somewhat intense at times but i enjoyed each and every swat. while in this position Master rubbed my clit with the end of the crop then pushed it inside of me. ohhh what a feeling that was i never had anything inside me that was not round. it felt great and very different and hope to do it all again very soon.

as a side note i do not mean to offend anyone with my blog or my writings. this is just a place to share with you my life as a slave. i hope you enjoy reading it. i know that this is not everyones cup of tea of how to live life but it is mine and i enjoy sharing it with others that do enjoy this cup of tea. Master is not abusive to me any way and loves me very much as i do him. we just both enjoy s&m.

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