Friday, October 21, 2005

in Master's control

panties are now in Master's control. i have turned over all of my panties to Master. they are now his to do with as he sees fit. i only have three pair of very sheer and very small thongs that Master has told me to keep and wear for him only when told to by him. i was made to wear a thong today to the office after 10 or more months of wearing none.

for the last three days i have been told to work braless. Master enjoys the look i get from the guys in the shop that get to see me knowing that i am braless. i am not sure but i think he might be telling them ahead of time that i am braless so when i walk out of the office they already know to start looking for my nipples. i must say i do enjoy the attention i get from the guys.

i think that it will not be to far down the road that the bras will be in Masters control also. the less i wear in public the better Master likes it. i really think if i could work in the nude without being fired or arrested that is the way Master would have me work. he really enjoys me naked.

p.s. i was also spanked bent over the car hood naked tonight just because it was a nice night to do it. no reason is needed for a slave to be spanked by her Master.


AspiringMaster said...

Very HOT, I MUST have my g/f start on her "pantiless" outfits.

Leesa said...

I have never had a master-slave relationship, but when I have had to work braless a few times (truth or dare with a g-friend). I realy don't like my nipples showing, but it was a little exciting knowing that I had to be aware of not leaning over too much . . . .