Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sorry for not updating

i am very sorry for not keeping my blog updated as of late. Master has been gone most of November and i have no reason to check my emails when he is gone so i play with myself more then i play with my computer. Master is not happy that this has not been updated punishment will follow he tells me.

Master did text message me and call while he was gone. i will not lie i did play with my smooth pussy a lot while he gone and when he called. one evening i texted him that i was outside in the backyard naked enjoying the bright moonlite and warm breeze on my naked body. he called me right after he got that message and i told him i was in the very far back of the yard sitting on a lounge chair with my fingers in my pussy and tasting them. as i talked the dog next door started barking and Master heard it and ask me about it. now any of my neighbors could look over my fence and see me it was so bright out that made it more exciting to know i could be caught by someone.

well we had a good night of phone sex that night in the warm moonlite but a few nights later the weather turned colder like from 70 to 38 after a rain front moved though. Master had seen the weather on tv and knew it was cold here.

he texted me to get my butt plug and clothes pins out and to call him when i had them in and on. i did as told as always and called him we talked a little about the day then he ask if i did what i was told. i said i had then he ask if the moon was still bright outside and i said yes but it was very cold outside he said i want you to walk outside to the fence and sit in the lounge chair until the dog next door barks so that i know you are outside.

well i hate cold weather and Master knows it. so this was real punishment for me to have to go outside naked with nothing on but clothes pins on my nipples and a plug in my ass in the bright moonlite for anyone to see. i did as i was told and thought i would freeze to death it was so cold out. the dog next door was even inside it was so cold. Master told me to sit and wait a little while and see if he comes out so he could hear him bark. my teeth were chattering i was so cold. the lounge was wet from the rain when i sat down and that made it colder. after what seemed like forever only about 20 mins Master let me go back inside to warm up.

no matter where Master is he always finds a way to make me do things i have never done before that is why i love him so very much.

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