Saturday, May 15, 2010

show it

what a great week this was showing off for my Master. the weather was warm and sunny and this slave was naked and loving it. it started last Sunday in the park when Master & i were walking. it was a beautiful day in the warm sun with a lite breeze blowing.

we were in the back of the park about 150 yards from the parking lot and as we started back to the car Master said take off your dress slave and give it to me. He has done this before as He likes to take pictures of me. He then hands me back my dress when He is done. this time he just started walking back to the car with my dress in His hand.

i had no choice but to follow Him in the nude. there was no one in the park, but as you walk toward the parking lot you can be seen more from the street that goes past the park. it felt good to have the warm sun and breeze on my naked skin as i walked & very close to Master. at the same time i was nervous that someone would pull into the parking lot. i made it all the way to the car as cars zoomed past on the street. i was then bent over the hood and given three nice hard swats with the lexan cane to add some color to my ass. i spent the rest of day nude at home inside as well as outside in the backyard.

i also had my vet appointment this week to have my bald kitty checked out. as always Master told me to be BPP (bald pussy proud). i was also slave proud as well. i laid there spread wide open showing my Master's mark along with my ankle chain on for the vet and nurse to see. i am very proud of His mark and enjoy showing it now. i remember when i hated going to the vet now i almost enjoy it. i guess being made to spread wide for Master has changed how i think about it now.

Thursday we stopped in for drinks at our favorite watering hole with me wearing the big purple collar. Friday at lunch i wore the collar that has slave spelled out on it into Luby's restaurant. and Friday also marked SIX years to the very day that i first kissed Master and this all started. i am so very happy to serve Him as our love is very strong for each other.

thank you Master for all you have done for me and to me. i LOVE U Master!

at the park see my stripes?


Florida Dom said...

Love your body in the owned slave shirt and naked.

And how nice that you are no longer self conscious about showing off your marks. He must be very proud of you and your submission to him.

And nothing like a (naked) walk in the park.


Anonymous said...

You have got a fantastic backside, soo sexy when you're naked in the daylight

charlie said...

A proud slave you are!

Sheen V said...

Beautiful! And congrats on 6 year!

Anonymous said...

dear slave kk,

again what a hot, erotic and sexy story. love the pic and the marks on you sexy, hot ass.

love, mike & eva xx