Sunday, April 25, 2010

slave wear

a new shirt for me from Master. He asked me a while back if i was proud to be His owned slave? i said very much so Master. He ask if i would wear a sign saying i was owned in public places? i said as long as you are by my side i will wear anything you want me to.

about a week later i am sitting in my car after work and He tells to take off my shirt and hand it to Him. now this is no big deal as he loves to see and play with my tits so i take it off and hand it to Him. He takes my shirt and puts it in His truck and i am thinking i will be driving home topless for all to see. He throws a package in my window and said this is yours.

i open it and find a very thin pink tank top with owned slave with cuffs on it. i laugh as He never fails to amaze me with the things He comes up with. after i put on the shirt i am told to be careful driving home because you are not getting your blouse back. not only did i wear the shirt i also wore my collar as well.

He wants me to wear it to the groomer next time i have my hair done. i am now thinking of what all those women will think when they see me in it there. yes i have worn it in public once just at the park. no one really seemed to notice it much.

i really am owned by this man He can do anything to my body He wants to. i have never been so open and exposed to anyone the way i am with Him. He knows what is in my head as well as my three holes. He has explored my mind & naked body many times.

He does not need to tie my legs open for i will always keep them spread wide open for Him. maybe the shirt should read owned cunt. yes i am very proud to be His owned slave and always will be. see how hard my nipples are wearing it?


Florida Dom said...

Loved the shirt and your nipples showing.

Let us know what the reaction is when you wear it in public.


charlie said...

The shirt fits you well. Also, the nipples are a wonderful addition to the shirt along with the collar. In today's attire, I don't think too many will turn their heads thinking that the slave definition is an actual thing. They will probably think that your just on a slave thing today. It should also be told that your without panties also. Yum attire. Waiting for the tattoo...