Friday, May 21, 2010

i never dreamed

this blog would have over a half a million hits on it. i was just your plain everyday June Clever woman in 2004 when i met the Master. He has changed everything about my life since then. i now know what real love and a real orgasm doing sex really are. i have cum more times in the last six years then i ever did in my first fifty.

if you are a woman and you are reading this and you never had a real orgasm doing sex with your man than you are having sex with the wrong man. i know most of my readers (male) want to read about how my Master made me strip in public or whipped my ass, but girls you have got to have a big O with your man deep inside of you. Master knows my cunt like a good book.

now back to the blog. it just started out (July 2005) as something just to play around with and record my new adventures with Master. i did not even think either one would last this long. it was all just a dream cuming true for me. this blog was just a fun way to stay up with all things we did together.

sometimes it is hard to post new stories as they all seem to have the same plot. me tied up, whipped or exposed in public. that is why you do not see me posting every day or week. my loyal readers have seen every body part of me posted naked. the only one that has not been posted is my face. when i no longer need a job you to will see that someday. i hope i don't scare you that day.

i love all of my fans and you know who you all are. i just want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to all for taking time out of your life to look in on me and my kinky ways. i know this is not a good way of life for everyone, but it is for me and i enjoy it very much.


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Anonymous said...

Been loving your blog since I first found it, I luv reading all about your Sexy adventures with your master. Hope to read this blog for many more years to come!