Saturday, January 26, 2008

4 days 3 nights

and no i am not talking about a Vegas vacation. as you know the week before i was given panties to wear for losing in the playoffs. Master had given me 5 pair and told me He thought a pair was missing from the last time i was given panties.

so i checked it out and yes i did fail to return a pair back to Him. well i forgot about the extra pair i had found and when my week was up of panties and no bra i was one happy girl. what i failed to do was wear the extra pair to work on Monday of this past week.

Master ask me if i was wearing my panties after i was at work and i looked at Him and said no my week was up. i wore all the ones i was given and returned them to you. He than reminded me of the extra pair i had found.

He said well maybe i should wear the same pair all week. i told Him no way i would have to wash them every night so they would be clean & dry for the next day. He than told me i could wash them when i shower and i said they would be too wet for me to wear to work.

He than gave me the order that i was wear them the rest of week and not to remove them past my ankles once i put them on Tuesday morning until Friday night. i was eat, sleep, shower, shave my pussy and do my worship time while wearing the same panties.

yes i was to pull them down to my knees to wash my ass and shave my cunt smooth as i do everyday. once i am out of the shower i do Master worship time by placing a small butt plug into my ass and bending over the arm of the sofa naked with my legs spread wide for 10 mins every morning. i was now to do this with panties on pulled down just to the bottom of my ass cheeks.

i never in my life wore clothing into a shower before this past week. it was very strange to stand in the shower with wet panties on my ass. i will tell you i was wearing barley there boyshort panties and they do dry fast with a hair dryer.

last night i was told to take off my panties and i did it with great joy. i went to hand them back to Master and He said you are not done wearing them slave. now put them over your head so you can smell yourself. i did as i was told as Master got out the camera and took my picture. about 15 mins later i was on my knees with His hardness in my wet mouth as He face f**ked me hard.

what a great way to end a long work week for us both. i now sit here naked enjoying my panty free life once again until the next time i am put in panty bondage.

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little girl said...

Oh boy... what a post. Ranks up there pretty high on the humiliation factor. i enjoyed reading it, though. i bet you're glad it's over... even though i know you serve with pleasure...