Monday, February 07, 2011

the Mistress

the ass of my Mistress now belongs to my Master. Her bet backfired on Her and now she will be tied naked spread eagle and whipped hard six times by Master. this will be Her first real spanking that she will not enjoy as she hates pain. She was really looking forward to spanking Master's ass butt that won't happen now.

i am sure once Her spanking is over with i will be the one to feel the real pain when i have to submit to Her again. She swings a mean crop and knows how to mark my naked ass. i will enjoy seeing Her getting hers and i will enjoy whatever She does to my ass as i enjoy Her pain and Her pussy too. i guess we will both get a licking in more than one way on this day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi slave kk,

we are excited as you are. please keep us updated about how this continues. we are sure your Master is delighted about the session.
might even be possible to share some nice pics of your Mistress' red ass and of yours of course.
love mike & eva xx