Saturday, February 05, 2011


for taking so long to post since my last post. all is well with Master and i. now don't think that just because i have not been posting that i have not been used as the slut i am. i have been well used and well spanked by Master. He likes to keep my ass red hot being it is cold out.

just the other day i was bent over getting my ass cropped to a very nice shade of red. i must tell you this little story about that cropping. Master and Mistress have been emailing back and forth about the super bowl and have a bet going. if pit wins She get to tie up Master and whip Him with 7 swats and sit on His face. if gb wins Master gets to tie her up & whip Her 6 times. now She hates pain and has never allowed anyone to whip Her ever.

well it has been some time since we have played with Her and cam man and this got us on the subject of me licking pussy and how much i enjoy it. in the back and forth emails Mistress ask Master if he was naughty enough to accept the bet. He replied that He wrote the book on naughty.

well we were talking about what He has done with me in the past years and the all naughty things we have done together. He always ask me what my grown kids would say if they knew what i do and what i like. well being Master is so naughty and us talking about all of this it gave Master a new idea.

i am bent over naked getting my ass cropped hard and He starts rubbing my cunt with His other hand as He crops me at the same time. i am turned on like a bright light and He tells me to tell Him that "i want to lick my daughters pussy" i screamed out NO Master and jumped up out of position to look at Him. He said get back into position and do as you are told slave. than with a nice hard crack on my ass i was back in position chanting i want to lick my daughters pussy.

as He rubs on my cunt and spanks me i am so turned on by now i almost think i could if she was there. He then tells me to stick out my tongue like i am licking it. He had me very worked up into a sexual daze as He finger fucked me very deep and i came with my tongue sticking out.

i know it would would never happen and i would never do it. this is nothing more than a head game that Master likes to play. Master enjoys getting into my head as much as getting into my cunt.


Anonymous said...

he crossed the and so did you

Anonymous said...

Let me confess KK that I love you and your blog. It due to your blog I became interested in owining a slave like you one day!!!! You do come into my fantasy and I enjoy being your master. But perhaps for the first time I do not like your post.It is really of bad taste. Please do not cross the limits.

Anonymous said...

This crossed the line.

Mike and Eva said...

no sorry needed, we understand that posting is some times not prio 1. being your Master's slave and serve him is your prio 1

love mike & eva xx

sabre2100 said...


Long and long ago, I read an S&M story of a man who gave his wife to his friend.

She came with a note that said the friend could not harm her body but could do anything he wanted with her mind.

Same applies here. No lines crossed.