Friday, March 18, 2011


and out of sorts at the beginning of this week. i had pains in my stomach and was short with Master at times and not my happy go lucky self. i had no clue as to why i was this way, but i was and everyone around me could just deal with it.

that is just how i roll when i am in these moods. i could care less what others think of me and i will tell you so at the drop of a hat. i can be a real bitch with a capital B and not even know i am. and fyi i gave up the rides on the damm cotton pony a long time ago, so it was not that shit.

well there is one person that knows Mrs B real well and He has no use for her at all. and that person is my Master. He can hear it in my voice and how i i talk to others around me. Master is a good sport and trys His best to keep me calm & happy doing my off times.

then it happens Master decides it is time. time for this bs to be over. don't ask me how He knows He just does. and when He has had enough of trying to keep me happy and change my ways that is it. there is no more talking it over or wanting to know what is wrong with me it is just pure punishment for me.

i was still in my grump funk on wenesday and when the day was over i stopped in and picked up our after work beers and then met up with Master. He greets me with the lexan paddle in His hand as i hand over His cold beer.

i ask what are you going to do with that? like i didn't know! He said strip off that shirt and get into position slave you know what I am going to do with it. my ass was already naked so that is why He told me to remove my shirt. i thought to myself you can kiss my ass as i removed the shirt. i was not in the mood for this bs.

just don't ask me why but i just cannot refuse to do what i am told to by this man. any other person i would have told them to go fk yourself with that paddle, but not this man. it is like He has a spell on me or something. i was not into being spanked at all this night.

once i was naked and in my proper slave spanking position He started in on my upturned ass. not real hard and not easy just very steady and firm. once He got up to around 35 i really started to feel the heat. i started jumping and begging for Him to stop, but that only made the hits come harder as it always does.

Master pounded on my ass hard until He got up to 50 then He stopped and pulled on my hair to match my face with His cock. i was really hot by now and ready to go. i sucked Him in deep and as i did that He raked His fingernails deep & hard across my red tender spanked ass.

i wanted and needed His cock bad as His nails dug deep into my ass cheeks i sucked harder and took Him deeper. i needed it all and had to have it. i was in superslut mode and nothing was going to stop me now.

i climbed on top of His hardness without even asking to as He pounded it into me deep. i came just as He entered me. He shot His hot wad deep up inside me as i sat on Him collasped having my own orgasams again and again.

i was a new woman after this. the very next day i was my happy self again and thinking straight again. i really don't know what a spanking does to my brain or how it does it, but i will tell you it works wonders on me. i must admit i need the pain to be happy a slut. no question about it.

it just grounds in me life somehow.


Mike and Eva said...

hi slave kk,

what a great story....

eva was kind of bitchy as well, but we solved the issue... read our last post.

love mike & eva xx

Anonymous said...

However did y'all get to this point in life? Like did u say hey spank me and make me ur slave or did he just start doing it one day I'm very interested! And would like my husband to inslave me but too chicken to say anything to him!