Saturday, March 12, 2011


Master has not had time to make it out to our local S&M store to shop for a new collar for me. the ones i have now are looking a little wore out from use. so He stopped by the Dom Depot store. that is the local lumber & hardware store for those that don't know.

He bought a 2ft pc of stainless steel chain and a new Master lock. this will be my new collar until He gets time to stop by the S&M shop. He cut it down to size so the lock hangs just below my neck. it can also be used to lock my hands together behind my back as it was last weekend.

it was a beautiful day to walk His puppy at the local park so Master had me put on my leather collar as He used the new chain one to lock my hands behind my back. He attached my chain leash to my collar and off we went.

the park is a small one and most of the people that use it have their dogs with them. as we were walking a car pulled up and young man got out with a cute little puppy to play with. Master did remove my leash when he pulled up, but left my hands locked behind my back.

now my blouse was unbuttoned all the way as well with about a 1-1/2" opening all the way down to my short skirt. and no bra or undies on as well. i ask Master if He would button me up before the stranger saw me and He said no we will let him see you just as you are now.

as we walked Master had His arm around me and His hand on my chained up hands to kind of hide it. we watched as the puppy ran & played in the park. as we made our way back to the car the puppy saw us and ran our way as did his owner to get him.

Master bends down and pets the puppy and leaves me standing there with hands chained behind back, blouse open and in collar. as the man walked up to Master he was calling his puppy to come to him. Master stood up and told the dog go get him and he did. Master told the guy it is a great day to play with puppy's at the park as the guy than looked over at me and said yes it is.

i could feel all my blood in my face as he looked me over from top to bottom. i know my face was bright red with embarrassment. as we walked away from each other Master did not cover up my hands with His. i did not turn around to see if the man was looking or not, but i am sure he saw my hands chained behind me as we walked away from each other.

yes my bald pussy was soaking wet by the time we reached the car. i was just shown off as a chained up exposed collared slave to a complete total stranger and i loved it. and yes my ankle chain was on as well. i wonder what that man thought of Master's puppy all chained up?


Histoy said...

ah sounds like a very sweet fun day at the park. >smiles<

Malcolm said...

Maybe the stranger was wishing he had a puppy like that

Anonymous said...

isn't it wonderful to be taken to the park and walked by our Master