Saturday, August 13, 2011

hot times

well i see it has been a while since my last posting here. well let me just say it has been some hot times around here. yes it has been a very hot july and august with temps everyday at 100 or more with no rain at all. this keeps a slave very busy with a water hose trying to keep a lawn and flowers. and you thought this was going to be a hot sex story :)

i do have a story about a hot whipped pussy to tell if you want to read it? Master was out of town for a couple of days and He texted me what He wanted me to do for my worship time of Him. He told me to get down on my spread knees put my tits and nose against the wall with hands on my head. then i was to chant outloud "i am just His naked cunt"

well i was doing as told when i texed back that i was on my knees with hands, tits & nose on wall as i chant "i am just a naked cunt". He then texted back to READ what i was told & it would cost me 50 swats on my naked cunt for not following His instructions. if you read & paid attention you would see what i did wrong. now can you tell me what that was?

the day after He got back when we stopped for our after work beer and i was to be naked for Him when He arrived there. i was naked when He got into my car at our private yet very public parking spot. He had the crop in His hand as He got in and i handed Him a cold beer. we kissed like kids than He told me to lay back.

once i had the seat back down i was told to put my feet up on the dashboard with my legs spread wide and my hands behind my head. i did as told and He told me that i was to count each stroke and thank Him for each one. on each of the tenth ones i was to give the count and thanks and say i am just His naked cunt. i said yes Master.

as i laid there naked with feet on dash and steering wheel between my spread legs He opens His door and gets out. now He gets into the back seat so He has a better aim at my naked cunt with His crop. He lands the 1st of many on my bald cunt with a nice sting as i count 1 thank you Master. with each one i felt the pain and the burning of my cunt in my brain. not once did i even try to close my legs in fact i opened them wider for Him as i relaxed and enjoyed my punishment. at the end of the fifty my cunt felt like it was on fire as it was bright red and hot.

Master now gets out and back in the front as i lay there spread wide open for Him to take photos on my whipped pussy. He might post one here later for all to see He said. He told me i am a true pain slut for njoying that. i said yes Master i am, you made me one and i love it!

now do you think i learned to read after that? well maybe for a while until i want my pussy whipped again ;) oh yes as all of this all was being done a car drove thru the lot. i wonder if they saw my feet up on the dash?

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Florida Dom said...

Your naked cunt looks red from his blows. I guess you will now learn how to read better.