Tuesday, May 22, 2007

wax day delay

yes there has been a delay in my waxin day, caused by me the slave of all people. yes i could not make it to my waxing because i had to play grandma. that's right my son's kids came over to spend the weekend as they had a trip out of town of all things and on my big wax day.

i enjoyed having the kids over so that made up for my wax day delay. it is hard to be a slave with little ones runing around the house. Master said it was ok with him to delay it as i am the one wanting it done so bad anyway.

maybe if i get lucky my Mistress can make it over one day this weekend. i can only hope it all works out. oh well you know what they say about the best laid plans.

one thing i do know it won't be long before i am bald again.


good girl said...

Hi, I just found your blog through martha :-) My Sir is making me get a waxing for the first time, I'm quite nervous about it! Do you have any tips for a newbie waxee?

DL's toy said...

i have tips for the newbie waxee! i'm not sure who's familiar with me but i am a massive painslut. The first waxing is worse than any beating x3 i've endured.

My advice: take a couple acetiminiphens an hour before you go. If you can, maybe even get buzzed with some booze. Chew a piece of gum and hold your breath each time a strip of hair is pulled. They hear the "F" word and "shit " all the time- it just happens.

Remind yourself "This is for Master" "This is for Master" "This is for Master"

The first time is the worst. i can't wait to read what you two ladies have to say about it.

The holding your breath and piece of gum bit does help.

Sorry about the delay kk; it'll give you more time to mentally prepare!

Aftercare: ask for sacrylic acid to reduce inflamation and ingrown hairs that come up during the regrowth.

Best wishes- toy