Friday, May 04, 2007


i started off my Friday with a bone. yes that's right a bone not a bang. every morning i am to start off my day by spending 10 mins sitting in front of a mirror looking at my hairy pussy that i hate.

well today Master told me to spend mirror time playing with my cunt. i was one happy slave to hear that and did not waste no time getting out my toys. i always have my dog bone, pocket rocket vibrator, and two clothes pins with me no matter where i am at.

i was just out of my morning shower & clean, ready for some cum time. i laid down on the bed naked, legs spread wide, attached my clothes pins to my hard nipples, licked my dog bone and slid it inside my very wet pussy very deep. i turned on my pocket rocket and put it on my clit with one hand as i pulled and pushed my bone in and out with the other.

WOW! did it feel good. my pussy was soaking wet and i came so many times i could not count. i was almost late for work as i just wanted to keep going & going. it was feeling so good and i did not want to stop. i fingered myself driving to work just to keep the feeling going.

i did not wear a bra to work today, i just let my hard nipples shine for all to see. i had one great Friday! hope you did as well.

happy Friday!


DL's said...

So when is the big old "shave date?" LOL! Oh, that's right, you're going to be waxed, aren't you?

Take a HUGE hint from a massive painslut: it does not get any better that first time and the longer it is, the more it hurts. You might want to consider snipping some bush and leaving about 1/2" or shrub. Seriously. I am not kidding.

But if you're seeking the ultimate pain threshold for this, just ignore me. I'll try not to say the old saying 'i told you so'.

So when is it?

And i haven't worn pants or panties at all in over 2 weeks. One gets used to the freedom of clothing :o)


kk said...

hi toy,

nice to hear from you. my waxing is going to happen on 5/19 as that will be when Mistress is free to join us.

i am looking forward to it no matter how much pain there is. i just want a smooth hair free pussy again.

i must mastrubate naked on my knees with my dog bone first for Mistress & cam man.

Master wants me to be the only one naked for a while. i will be wearing my collar & leash though.

i will start out in the mmft position 1st as they talk and drink around me.

so are you liking the panty free feeling? i do not think i could go back to wearing them now it's been so long.


DL's toy said...

Funny, my cunt will be waxed on the 16th. i'll send you some sympathy pain but will let you have all yours! LOL

i am very used to the no panties thing. Being in skirts for the past 3 weeks, it's used the freedom and air.

Best of luck to you!
i like that newest pic :o)