Tuesday, May 01, 2007

YAY it's May

if you read this blog than you know why i am so excited it's May. yes the very month i have longed for since Thanksgiving. that was the day i was told to stop shaving my pussy. i now sport a full grown bush that i do not like.

Master put my shaving up for a vote a while back on this blog. it was voted by you the readers to make me wait till May 15th before i would be allowed to shave it again. so it's here, the month i never thought would come. yes i can not wait to be smooth once again.

Master & Mistress will be waxing me smooth as i will be tied spread wide open on the bed. cam man will photo the event for us and you the readers. it will be my very first waxing. i am sure i will enjoy it no matter how much pain there is because i will be in good hands. i am sure those hands will be doing more than pulling out my hair by the roots. it will be a great time for all.

counting the days down to a bald cunt.


Anonymous said...

Dear kk,
i wax myself every 3 weeks, it hurts, but it will last that much longer... can't wait to hear about it.

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention i am really happy for you! i was never prohibited from waxing, so i feel for you as i would also not like to have a bush again.

Anonymous said...

please post a pic of your full bush to let us see what we voted for...thankyou

kk said...

thanks cunt for your support. i am not sure how painful it will be but i know i will enjoy the end result.

and yes there will be pictures posted of before, during and after for all to see.

cunt please ask toy to send you my email addy. i will send her one telling her it's ok. would love to talk with you more.