Sunday, July 01, 2007

ice run

i know that being a slave means that i must obey my Master and always do as told. i have always done that without fail. yesterday i failed! i felt so hurt that i let Him down i cried big tears and was in a very down mood for a while.

i was told to go for ice and i did not do as i was told for the 1st time ever with Master. the problem was not going to get the ice, it was how i was dressed.

Master and i had been playing for a while in the room. He had me wear my low cut very sheer black bra today and when told to strip to leave it on. He caned my naked ass as i bent over the ac unit in front of the open window looking out into the parking lot. He pulled the bra down so my tits hung out for all to see. after i had some nice stripes on my ass He made me crawl over to my bag and get out my butt plug. i than put the plug in where it belongs.

Master than placed a small chain around my waist and ran it between my legs and padlocked the plug in place. He cuffed my hands behind my back to a strap that attached to my neck that held them up the middle of my back to keep them out of the way of the cane/crop.

than we played ballin the wall. He read about this on a another blog but does not remember who's. (sorry) He placed a small ball against the wall and i was to hold it there with my nose. i was to hold it there for 15 mins without fail as He caned and cropped on my ass. if the ball where to fall we would start the clock over along with the whippings. i said there was no way i could keep it from falling. He said than we will just spend all day ballin the wall. He also put my hood over my head to make it more fun.

i did the 15 mins without dropping it, but it was not easy and those 15 mins felt like forever. my hands where released from behind me and that felt great to stretch them out. next He had me put my black waist cincher and then He handed me the black sheer panties that matched my bra.

now picture me in the following items: black hood, sheer black bra & panties, black waist chiner and chained up pink butt plug. now do you have the picture in your mind? now He handed me the ice bucket and told me to go for ice.

now tell me what you would say seeing a woman dressed like this walking thur a hotel hallway on her way to the ice machine as you check in with your family?

i refused to go for ice dressed like this. Master had me down on my knees begging and crying not to be made to do this for a good while. at one point i was on my hands and knees with the ice bucket placed in the middle of my back.

Master than gave me a choice of going for the ice or.........

more to cum.

P.S. i forgot i also had my ankle cuffs on that cling when i walk and my collar for my ice run.


Anonymous said...

First off let me say that I really like this blog. I recently discovered you a few weeks ago and I am HOOKED! Now that is out the way I have to say with no disrespect to your man but I agree with you in that I wouldn't have gone outside to get like that. The thing with kink is fine between consentual adults. Bringing it out in public where there are children and vanilla people is NOT okay. It might be your man's kink but for someone in public it isn't there and it isn't fair to put them in that awkward position.

iwingslave said...

i'm with you. i would not have done it. i would have gone naked,probably, like toy did for her DL, maybe, but not with all the fetish gear on. i think naked would be easier for onlookers to digest. still i would pray my Master would never ask that of me. i know how horrible it feels to disappoint our Master, but i have the feeling He wanted you to say no to result in some delicious punishment.

His pet said...

Don't beat yourself up! i couldn't have gone out like that either. Sometimes they ask us to do the unthinkable just to push our limits and watch us struggle. Not being able to do every single thing they demand the first time they demand it does not make you a poor slave (and if it does, we all fall into that category).

Big hugs. i hope you feel better soon!!


(i've had to hold a nickle against the wall before and He'd whip me and i couldn't let it fall.)

Sheen V said...

I also enjoy being dressed up and going for ice at hotels. As others have said, one needs to be careful about children. A bit more clothing is sometimes needed. I do like the "ballin the wall".