Saturday, July 28, 2007

need is filled

be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. my ass got just what it needed last night spanked hard with the much hated hair brush. Master told me at work to be naked and in position with hair brush close at hand after work.

i did as i was told and my reward was a nice hot 26 swats with the brush. it took my breath away with each swat, but when it was over i felt great. nothing like a good hot spanking to perk me up.

than He rolled me over and started biting and sucking on my nipple as He fingered my very wet pussy. He than reaches into His pocket and pulls out two 3/4" stainless steel balls and put them up inside my cunt. now he wanted me to walk around with them in and not drop them.

well i was way too wet to hold two in, but i did manage to keep one in there as i walked around a bit. He knew i needed to go the store to get a few things so He sent out with my ball inside my cunt and told me to call Him when i got inside the store.

i was nervous as a cat at the dog pound. i just knew that damm ball would fall out and roll down a aisle with everyone looking right at me. i squeezed my cunt and legs together very tight as i walked and talked to Him. He said if it fell out just say where did that come from if someone was around.

well it stayed in the whole time i was in the store and on the drive home. once i was home it was naked again and two balls to walk around with the rest of the evening. they fell out twice and that will bring me 20 swats with the cane.

i have one week to work on keeping them inside me as i walk before i am sent shopping again this time with two. each time they fall out i get 10 swats to help train me on pussy muscle control.


Anonymous said...

Mistress is working on my orgasm control.

His pet said...

i am forever having to walk around with things inside me. i honestly believe it really does help build stronger muffin muscles. Soon you'll be able to use them to milk his cock into cumming without moving the rest of your body at all!

Sorry about the cane. 20? Ouch.

Pixiepie said...

good luck!

but yum...20 strokes of the cane!! Lucky you!

Sheen V said...

Reading this makes me all warm inside. Isn't it such a rush to be doing something "naughty" in public but not publicly? You rock!