Thursday, July 05, 2007

ice run part 2

yes when it goes bad it really goes bad. i was on my hands and knees with the ice bucket sitting in middle of back as i thought of what i just had done. my mind was racing with all kind of thoughts. what i looked like, how far the ice machine was from the room, my pink plug and chain being visible, what was going to happen if i did not go. i was just overwhelmed and i just wanted to bury my face into the floor and when i moved the ice bucket fell off my back.
Master was coming out from the bathroom when He heard it hit the floor. He saw me with my face on the floor and my ass high in the air. He ask me how i could let that happen and than put his foot in the middle of my back and pushed me down to the floor flat. He said i make a better rug than a table. He went on about how disappointed He was in me as a slave as he stood with His foot on my back.

this went on for a while as i cried hearing his words. He then pulled me up to my knees by hood & hair and said you can go for ice or you can ball the wall for 60 mins, your choice. i just looked at Him with my tear filled eyes i could not do it for 60 mins in my current state. i begged for His mercy, there was none. make up your mind slave one or the other.

i could not give Him a answer as i hung my head in shame. i was a mess and He knew it. i wanted to please Him so bad but could not do as He ask. He sat on a coffee table in front of me asking for my answer, there was none, just my shame. He picked up a small leather whip and pulled my bra down to expose my naked tits.

He said I am going to tittie whip you hard slave as that is what you need right now don't you? i looked into His eyes and said yes Master please whip them hard. He told me to keep my hands behind my back and keep my back straight & my tits out. He whipped them hard just like He said he would as i fought to keep my hands behind me. it really hurt the most when the whip would hit my hard nipples.

i was tittie whippped like never before and they really hurt. when He finished He pulled me over to the table He had been sitting on and bent me over it and smashed my tits into the hard table. He unlocked the chain and started pulling the plug in and out of my ass asking me how it felt to have this done. telling me how i was just a ass to Him. now He told me to get the ginger root for Him, i screamed out OH shit!

yea that's right i forgot to buy it. like i said when it goes bad it goes way bad. so He goes over all that has happened, i won't go for the ice, i dropped the ice bucket and now i forgot the ginger root for my ass. He got up and just left me bent over the table and grabbed His cane and gave me a nice hard one on my ass and said don't ever forget the ginger root again or this day cunt.

i won't, i will promise you all that. i keep asking myself now why i just didn't go for the damm ice. i had gone for it before in a just a sheer robe and heels with my collar, why not this time? if i am a slave why not show off the real me.


His pet said...

You may be a slave kk, but you still have self respect. It would have been hard for any of us to go out into that hall. We worry about children seeing us, or even being judged by adults. We may have been slaves for the past months (or even years) but before that we have had years and years...a lifetime...of training us how to act in public. It is hard to go against things ingrained in us as a child. Please don't be too hard on yourself. You are a remarkable slave.


His cunt said...

indeed I agree. I am afraid that if Sir would ask me to do something public that involving the possibility of children seeing me, I would also refuse and opt for the punishment. Adults seeing is one thing, children? a whole different ballgame. You are incredibly obiedient. Dont be too hard on yourself hun


His pet said...

Just had to come back and say...

HOT, HOT picture.

Anonymous said...

Just read your post about the ice run...I just started reading your blog. I am a slave...7yrs. I trust my Master not to force me to do something that forces OUR lifestyle on innoccent people.

I am just so disgusted by "doms" that think the rest of the world should be subjected to their makes me so angry to hear about "doms" like this...and I do use the term loosely.

I am a MOTHER...if I was walking through a hotel with MY child and saw YOU dressed up like that..I would report you in a second to the dare you push that on my innocent child.....HE should know better..YOU as the slave are to obey...but HE is supposed to have more common sense.....I am sorry he does not seem to. You do seem like a nice slave and want to please.

I do wish you the best...but I have no respect for your so called Master.