Saturday, July 07, 2007

now the pleasure

as i lay there bent over with my sore whipped tits on the hard table Master unlocked the chain from around my waist. He than pulled my head up by my hood & hair and removed the hood, my bra and the panties. He said now crawl over to bed slave and get up on it. i did as i was told i crawled like a whipped puppy.

as i lay there He came to me and kissed away my tears as He rubbed the pain from my tits. we talked about what had just happen as He held me tight in His arms. i told Him how sad it made me to disappoint Him by not doing as i was told. He laughed and told me it was about time i did not obey Him for once.

He said when i slipped on the panties it just came to Him to send me for the ice. He really just wanted to see what i would do and how i would react to such a demand. when i said no way i can not do it, He said it flipped His Master switch to on. it was the first time i had ever said no to Him and would not give into doing something. He liked the fact i stood up to Him and resisted a order for once. now he could punish me for not doing as told. we kissed hard and held each other tight.

He was bringing me back up from my down. He kissed & sucked on my hard sore nipples as He played with my hood ring and His cunt. the next thing i know i am sitting on top of Him with His hardness deep inside my wetness. i love when we are joined together like this and wish we could always stay this way.

i do not think or know of a love greater than that of a Master and His slave after a session of pain & dominance. i love my Master with all my heart as i know He loves me. i would walk to the end of the world for Him, i just won't go for His ice ;)

P.S. He did tell me later that He would have stopped me if i would have said ok and started out the door. me going to jail is not in His playbook at all.


Sheen V said...

I'm happy that things worked out for the best. I guess being a slave means that one doesn't always know everything that the Master has in mind.

kk said...

sheen, being a slave means you do as you are told by the Master. i failed to do that and i am not at all proud of that.

i am thankful i have a very understanding & loving Master or it could have been a very painful day for me.

you are correct that you never know what a Master has in His mind. He has come up with things for me to do i have never dreamed of doing, but i did them to serve Him as the slave i am.

sometimes i wonder if the readers know just how much i really enjoy serving Him as His slave.

i was born to serve Him.


Sheen V said...

I have a good idea about how much you love him as your emmotions come across well in your posts. In my first post I should have said that being a slave means trusting you Master. Although His request seemed outrageous, He did later say that He would not have let you leave the room like that.