Sunday, October 14, 2007

ever caught naked

in a public place? well i was not caught, but it was damm close call. Master and i have a nice little park close to the house that we like to go to walk around & play puppy games.

last Sunday i was wearing another new very short dress. it feels like a t-shirt with straps and ends at my ass cheeks. Master was feeling me up in it and exposing my ass at times as we walked. i always get worked up when He does these things to me in public. He even had me get down on my knees and pull my dress up to my neck so He could get picture of His naked slave in the park.

we had made our way around the park and back to the parking lot and like two teenages we where kissing and playing with each other. He leaned His back against the truck and had me lean in against Him with my back to Him.

as He played with my tits with His hands and kissed the back of my neck i melted into a sexual daze. He pushed my dress straps down my arms along with the front of my dress. He rubbed both naked nipples real lite with His fingers. as He did this i was melting like ice cream on a hot day into His body.

He then pushed my dress down past my ass as i now stood naked before Him as a cool breeze blew across my nakedness. with His fingers still rubbing my nipples i was lost in heaven and lost all thoughts of where we were with not a care in the world. i was just getting ready to let my dress fall to the ground when Master started looking around.

He looked out past the front of the truck than He looked to the back, and right at the back of the truck on the other side from us was a woman walking her dog. He pushed me away Him and said get dressed someone is coming. just as she came into view of us she looked right at us. she might have seen me adjusting my straps, but i don't think see saw anything else.

and to think if Master would have not started looking around she would have seen it all because my dress would have on the ground by then.

has anyone else ever been caught naked or almost naked?


Sheen V said...

Not sure if this counts, but I have been 'caught' a few times in lingerie in my hotel room while on business trips by the waitress delivering my room service order. And a few times while sitting out on the room's balcony.

Anonymous said...

well we were never caught naked, but we went to nude beach and had sex at daylight times. complete stranger sunbathing maybe 25-30 meters away from us. there was only a small wind shelter in front of us and the sea, but shelter behind us. so if someone looked down from the dunes behind us...olala, they got the full picture. but you know, in the heat of the play, you don't watch do you.........

have a nice day and we look forward to the picture taken in the park....

love mike and eva xx

dmddoc said...

Almost got caught having sex one night on a fairly large public beach. Fortunately there wasn't much moon that night to show off my lovely backside. I'm curious, how did your Master take last weekend's football game ? Did he bring out the popcorn?

~martha said...

never been caught completly naked...but came very close a few times. For me it is suchhhhhhhhhhhh a rrrrush! YUMMM


His pet said...


kk said...

now brooke you know we want the details of how you was caught naked.