Tuesday, June 05, 2007

screams in 318

or plucked like a chicken. not sure what title to use here but they both fit the bill.

Master adjusted the bonds on the bed so i was stretched out wide and tight. once He had the six ropes adjusted He ate the last of my hair pie. damm did His tongue felt good as i pulled against my tight bonds. i lost track of time as He ate His pie. when He was done eating He kissed me hard & deep so i could also taste the pie.

now it was just about time for Mistress and cam man to arrive. Master unhooked my bonds and had me get back down on the floor, as He looked out the window to see Mistress & cam man pull in and park. He watched as they made there way into the hotel.

He unlocked our door and left it ajar so they could just walk into the room. the only worry i had was the maids where in the room next door i was really hoping they did not come in the door first.

Master had me kneeling with my ass high in the air, my face on the floor, dog bone in my mouth and with His feet resting on the top of my naked ass as He sat there waiting. this is what they saw when they walked into our room.

they came in and talked with Master as i remained in the position. cam man started with the photo taking as Mistress talked with Master. Mistress told me i could get up but first Master wanted me to show them what i like to do with the bone that was in my mouth.

so it was up on my knees as they sat around me dressed and watched a naked slave play with herself with a dog bone. all i could do was look at my Master as i stuck the bone in & out of my cunt. never in my life have i masturbated while three people watched me. Master said i did a nice job but my face was very red.

Master said i could stop but that i should crawl over and kiss the feet of my Mistress and thank Her for coming out to help with my waxing. i did as i was told then it was a crawl to the bed where i was laid in the middle and strapped down.

Master heated up the wax as Mistress dusted my cunt hair with cornstarch. (see pic) a friend told Her it would keep the wax from sticking to the skin. She told her friend She would be waxing Her slave and ask for ideas. how nice of Her.

the wax was heated and the slave bound down tight. it was time for the hair to leave my body. i will say the wax felt nice and warm going on but coming off OOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUCCCCHHH! i was not sure the ropes could hold me down for all of that hair to come off. now i know how a plucked chicken feels.

more hair to go stay tuned. that was just the first strip.

p.s. and i am still the only naked person in the room.


DL's toy said...

That sounds so kinky... and boy, do i ever empathize with you. But i bet you and Master enjoy the lack of hair pies now, huh?

*cheeky grin*
i'm dying to know how you did, you know. The suspense is killing me!

kk said...

toy, you know we have a few pics for you and DL out of the 280.


His cunt said...

veryyyyy kinky!!! Cant wait to hear the rest!!

lucky slave!

Sheen V said...

I can't wait to hear more (and see more if that's ok).