Tuesday, June 19, 2007

proud to be bald

well at least having a bald pussy. not so sure about my head being the same. thanks to toy for bringing that subject up on her blog.

this past weekend i was out and about shopping. i wanted to stop in at the adult shops to look for a new butt plug as the ones i have are either to big or to small or so it seems. so i called Master and ask if i could stop by these shops without Him.

He said fine as long as i wore my SHAVED collar into the stores. He gave it to me on waxin day as my reward. He said they did not have one that said waxed so shaved would have to do.

well being the slut i am i did not care if someone might take a chance and look up at my neck. i snapped it on and walked in like i owned the place. little did i know that i would have to have a clerk take a picture of it with my cell phone camera and send it to Master. He called to tell me that while i was inside the 1st store.

i stopped at two places and they were both packed with people as it was a rainy day and i guess everyone was wanting some love fun this day. the clerks were very busy, so i took my own picture to send when at the 2nd store. just as i snapped my pic a clerk walked up to me and ask if she could help me. i said no as she looked right at my the collar and me. i was red faced now.

i did not find just the right size plug butt i am still on the look out for one. and Master was happy with the picture that i sent Him. He is talking about having me work a full day with one in place if i find just the right size.


His pet said...

Let me know if you find the one that is 'just right'. i hate the Beast (my biggest) and while i enjoy tink (my smallest) she is too small. i need one in the middle and Master says i can get one. Yay.

Love the blog!

Optima said...

the plug Master uses on me has 3 round parts that go from small to large. It is VERY nice and stays in all day. I think it was bought at Dr. John's (an adult toy store).

I love your collar!!
Thank you for the post!
Have a great Thursday!

Sheen V said...

Doesn't it suck when you can't find the right thing to be naughty with?! I'm sure you'll enjoy the hunt for the right one. I know I would!

dmddoc said...

Love the feel of a waxed pussy!