Thursday, June 14, 2007

finished product

i waited six long months for this and now i have it. a very smooth cunt. i know some of you might wonder what the big deal is to have hair there?

well if you are a woman that shaves your legs and under arms everyday STOP! let it grow out for 6 months and you will know just how it felt for me to have hair there.

i will always do as my Master wishes but i beg Him on my knees not to let the hair grow there again. this about wraps up my wax job postings. the only part i left out was how Master and cam man joined in with Mistress and i for some really great love for all.

now there are 4 naked people in the room.

a special thanks to Mistress and cam man for there help in making this a real fun adventure. a big naked hug to you both.

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