Thursday, September 27, 2007

just in

from the backyard after f**king my naked self with my glass dildo. Master is away tonight, He called me at work and told me to go home get naked, insert my butt plug, put on my collar, turn on a porno & get on my knees in the living room and call Him.

i did as i was told, but i did make one mistake that will get me 35 points with the crop. i stuck my glass dildo in my cunt before i was told to do so. when i called i already had it in my wet cunt. just hearing His voice made me almost cum right there.

He was talking sex talk from the moment i answered my phone. once He found out i did not wait or ask to insert my dildo He told me to go out into the backyard. i hate to go out there in the dark because i hate snakes and always think there might be some out there. He did not care and had me walk to the back fence than back to the middle of the yard.

once i was in the middle of the yard He told me to stop and get down on my knees. the grass was wet as it just rained. once on my knees in the wetness He told me to pound my cunt with that dildo. as i did this He told me He wanted to hear me cum for Him.

with all of the sex talk before and porno movie playing it did not take long before i melted into a sexual bliss right there where all could watch this cunt cum and cum and cum. it was hard to stand back up top walk back to the house. if it was not for my cell phone and dildo in my hand He would have made me crawl.

damm i just love what He does to me.

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