Sunday, September 09, 2007

running with the dogs

yes i know my name is kinky kitten but i am His slut puppy too. Master & i stopped by the park the other day as He likes to walk me there and have me go wee wee for Him.

i always wear my collar when we are together no matter where we go. as we were walking a man came jogging past us with his dog on a leash. Master said look he is running his puppy maybe i should have you run for me puppy.

we walk back to the car and He gets out my leash and attaches it to my collar. He said lets go puppy and started jogging with me behind Him on a leash. we jogged for a little ways and than He stopped and ask if i needed to wee wee. i said maybe a little, He told me do it now like a good puppy. as He held my leash i spread my legs and let my pee flow to the ground like the good puppy i am.

i shook my tail to dry off the drops and off we went again. nothing like running with a wet cunt dripping on your legs. He slowed down to a walk and than told me to bark like a good puppy. i did and He said keep barking as we walked. so i barked most of the way back to the car. i am not sure if anyone heard me barking but i am sure someone had to see this puppy on her leash being run like dog.

it is a small park and empty most days but it does have a lot of traffic going by and a apartment complex near by. being i was such a good puppy He said i could be allowed to play with His bone.


Anonymous said...

hi kk,

very sexy and erotic story. we guess you needed to play with Master's bone until it exploded.....

mike and eva xx

His pet said...

i still get shy about peeing outside! You are such a great pet!

DL's toy said...

i think i would roll over into the grass and hide my face if this ever was required of me. Hot though. You're admired *s*


Pixiepie said...

this made me laugh....:)