Thursday, April 19, 2007

slaveville usa

i was thinking the other day how great it would be if i could live in a town called slaveville. it would be a great place for Master & i to live. how great would it be to go shopping at the mall and see other slaves being lead around by there leashes as i would be.

slaves could be tied to anything or any place in public in many states of dress or undress. yes i would be dressed only in a collar and a dress up day would be in my 4 cuffs.

there would be less stress as we would not worry about what to wear or who might find out that we enjoy being whipped. everyone one would understand it and accept it as normal. just think what would happen now if your boss found out how much you liked to be whipped?

i could be lead into any store or restaurant naked in my collar & leash on my hands and knees and it be as normal as walking into one as you do now dressed. how great it would be to live as a slave and everyone in town know it that is just what you are.

public beatings on Friday nights in the town square for the really bad slaves that week and a Master's party afterwards for all to attend. dancing, drinking and whippings and just plain good s&m fun.

call your realtor now homes going fast.


Anonymous said...

my bags are packed and a for sale sign in the front yard !!!


DL's toy said...

i think that i'd move there too. In a freaking heartbeat. Cool idea. Now my mind is endlessly roaming... thanks

Anonymous said...

less than a month to go before your waxing . will your master and mistress allow us to see the before during and after pics

Sheen V said...

Yep, I'd love to live there too! I can imagine being led around by a Mistress, sitting at her feet while she dines with others, and being disciplined by other doms in public.