Saturday, October 31, 2009

ideas needed

i have a project to do for my Master and no ideas for it. my project is to come up with some new ways to show off my nakedness in public. Master is always the one to come up with ways to do this and He does a great job of it. now He wants me to come up with 10 new ones for Him on my own.

He said it is time for me to do some of the thinking for once. i don't think well sometimes so i need your help with this. below is a list of things we have already done and i am not to repeat them on my list.

  • my shirt wide open in parking lot as Master rubs my naked tits in front of people leaving
  • wearing only a wife beater t shirt with large arm holes into major hardware/lumber store
  • tied down naked & blindfolded in back of His suv and drove around
  • stripped naked outside of hotel room door before allowed in
  • stand naked in a window of hotel room with hood on
  • sit with blouse unbuttoned or open in restaurants
  • wear very short dresses & skirts into stores shopping and show Master my bald cunt
  • wear just a coat shopping and show Master my naked body
  • walk naked at the park
  • drive home naked in car
  • ride with my pants down at all times in Master's pickup
  • get ice @ hotel in a see thru robe
  • wear thin skin tight white top & shorts into adult stores
  • show off new thong panties to Master in parking lot as i walk all around car in just a thong
  • (no panties owned by slave now, above was in the beginning of ownership)

yes i have done all of the above with Master and loved it. you can read all about the above somewhere here on this blog i am sure. now i need to come up with some new ones to do for us to do. let me know if you have any ideas for us to try.

and no i will not stand on the courthouse steps naked as i do not want to be arrested. we are very careful when and where we do these things. i am not the hooker on the street showing my ass to everyone going by. i am just a whore showing my Master and if you catch me oh well, hope you enjoy it.


Anonymous said... about you find a short skirt made to work out in (like out of sweat suit material) and yall get a day pass to a gym and you exercise on a recumbent bike its impossible to keep your knees together on those things...or so ive heard since i dont work out much :)
oh and let me know what gym cuz i want to work out too (by workout too i mean watch you work out lol)

Anonymous said...

just yesterday I had my lady get in the car naked---not knowing where we were going nor what was to happen made it more mysterious for her

years ago I read a story about a lady who had to make an outfit--just a top and skirt --each two pieces held together with only velcro strips down each side--that way He could strip you anywhere in a second

you need a naked trip to the woods where you have to pick out some branches for a good birching--nothing like a naked lady laying over an old trunk offering her butt to the world or His intents

you also need to crawl naked in the grass---I for one, love the look of swaying breasts and moving butt cheeks

hope these help

Anonymous said...

Ever since I saw the pics of you washing your master's truck I thought you would look good in a wet T-shirt.

I think it would be hot for you to be out for dinner or lunch with your master and just as you were about to leave, you 'accidentally' spill a large glass of water on your top, then you have to parade through the restaurant in your wet t-shirt and everyone would be able to see your tits through the shirt.

For added fun, you would have to stand at the register to pay on the way out, no leaving the money for the check on the table and walking out.

Anonymous said...

try for some ideas


Anonymous said...

slave kk,

what a great idea to ask your blog followers to give new ideas to your live style.

what about going to the nail studio you visit regularly. wearing only a shirt, skirt, high heels and slave colar. of course no bra and panties. this time you get your nails done both your hands and feet. while woman does your feet, master calls you and requires you to open your legs and show your bald, smooth pussy for her. you also have to tell her that it was your master's order you did so.

love, mike & eva xx

Anonymous said...

In my twisted mind i can imagine going to confession scantily clad, but that would be wrong.

Topless on a rollercoaster would be fun. You could put it back on after the ride, but it would take your picture automatically at the top of one of the hills.

Bowling gives plenty of chaces to bend over in a short skirt sans panties.

i think he should make you do a naked scavenger hunt. You could earn rewards for every place on the list that you were photographed naked. You'd need someone to take pictures though. i have a camera!!!

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