Sunday, October 11, 2009

the nail salon

last Saturday i had a appointment with my regular girl to have my nails painted as i am required to. Master told me weeks before about how He would call me while i was there and what i was to say.

well as i sat there in the chair with my girl at my feet working away on them my phone rang with Master's call. there were not a lot of people in the shop like most Saturday's so it was real quite in there this day.

i answered hello Master and said yes your slave is getting her nails painted as you require. as we talked on i said yes Master three or four more times. and before i hung up i said yes Master, slave will be ready to serve you tonight at 6.

now my girl just kept working away on my feet as i talked. and there was another customer sitting just two chairs down from me and i know she overheard me. i was not allowed to whisper and talked in a normal voice.

once i hung up my girl looks up at me and said that is so cute when you call Him Master. i smiled back at her and said yes my Master is great. now i am not really sure if she knows what Master really means or not, but the way she smiles when talking about Him makes me think she does.
now i am sure the other customer knew as she shook her head no when i said yes slave will be ready to serve you at 6.

Master ask me later how i felt sitting there calling Him Master and myself slave in front of others? i said it felt great and i felt very proud. He said next time i am to wear my collar in there. i said yes Master. i have no problem wearing it as i have wore it many times in public places. i am very proud to wear His collar and enjoy being seen in it. i am after all His owned slave.


Anonymous said...

That stuff makes me so nervous! My face turns bright red. Once i had to complete an entire conversation with my Master on my knees in Hobby Lobby. Another time i had to do it in the mall. Oh and once i had to go into a bookstore and find a book about D/s and he called out random numbers and i had to read the pages out loud to him...and on the same bookstore trip i had to find a book with nude pictures and pick the woman i'd most like to fuck and describe her tits and pussy to him out loud. It was sooo humiliating (so of course i loved it!).

Anonymous said...

OMG! i am so shy, but so far with Daddy it hasn't been too much of an issue, you are SO awesome kk!

charlie said...

I guess no smacks this week since Dallas was off. Thankfully, you don't get my team's score- New England (they scored 59 this week.