Thursday, November 30, 2006

hair there

Master is away this week and will return to see hair on my pussy. i hate it and can not even stand to look at it. ever since i met Master and found out He enjoyed a smooth pussy mine has been smooth as a cue ball.

i never shaved my pussy smooth until i met him & He has never even seen mine with a hair on it. i shaved it smooth the day i heard him say it. He left for a week of hunting and will return on Sunday. before He left i was told not to shave my pussy until He returned and gave me permission. He wants me to have it waxed off but He must see it 1st. well i have called around and it is $60-$80 to have it waxed. i can shave it for nothing.

i am not sure what will happen. He said it has to be waxed not shaved the 1st time. when i texted Him the cost He said it looks like i will be wearing a full bush... NOT in my lifetime! i hate the little bit of hair i have now. no way will i wear a full bush, that is just gross.

i will have it done with duct tape before i let it get that long. a very good friend will do it for me with the tape. i love Master very much and all that He makes me do for Him but i hate hair there and hope He will too when He sees it.

i can't wait to have my bald smooth pussy back. i am sure Mistress hates hair there also, maybe She can help me with Master.

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Anonymous said...

They sell that type of wax in a store - home waxing kit or something. I barely ever use that or a razor on any part of my body, so I don't know for sure:)