Tuesday, November 14, 2006

time flys

when your having fun. it seems like it was just yesterday i updated my blog and it has been 10 days ago. Wow it must be the time change or i am getting old and can not remember when i was here last.

well not much new to report, maybe that is why i have not been updating. just the same ole stuff getting my ass whipped after each Cowboy game win or lose, i get it. Master was out of town this past weekend so i was alone to play with myself and i did do some of that as i enjoy my pussy now.

i guess the only new thing to report is i was tagged with dog tags that has my name, rank, & my slrn (slave registration number) and date i was collared, that i must wear now. my old slave kk heart tag has been moved down to my hood ring where it hangs on a small chain. i am well marked if i should get lost by some small chance. i can see it now in the ER she has two tags saying she is slave kk, one on her neck and one on her pussy, it must be her.

i am longing for my Mistress after seeing all the fun married man's fuck toy is having with her new found friend pet. i just love what Mistress does with me & the tender love we make, but She does swing a mean crop on my ass.

i have never been with another submissive but that looks like fun too. i know Mistress would never be a sub but it would be fun to serve Her & Master with a sister sub.

oh there i go dreaming again, but sometimes dreams do cum true. what i am doing now was all a dream to me 2-1/2 years ago. so maybe someday this dream will cum true to.

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Anonymous said...

I've also had a fantasy of serving a Mistress with another sub, either male or female. Either one would be nice, in fact, its the only scenario that I'd consider being with another man. All just to please Her.