Saturday, November 18, 2006

a coat hanger?

no it is more than just a bent coat hanger. Master calls it a whore's whip and let tell you it has a nasty bite to it.

Master tells me that he read years ago that if a whore stole money from her pimp the pimp would beat her pussy with a bent coat hanger for punishment. well i can tell you i would never steal a dime from my pimp if i knew i had that coming. i got 34 on my ass for my football pay off this week and that thing has a sting like nothing i have ever felt before. there is no way i would want someone mad at me using it on my tender pussy.

when Master started out with it i did not think i would make it to 4 much less 34 but i did. it put a few bumps on my ass but do not leave no marks to see the next day. i always enjoy seeing Master's love marks the next day after a good whipping. my ass was on fire that night and i was sure i would have nice marks the next day to look at, but nothing was there.

i hated the damm thing that night but the next day i told Master i want it again with the whore's whip. He said good but next time i will be bound and gagged so he can give me some markings to see the next day. that means it will be harder and more of them. me and my big mouth will i ever learn? hope that day never cums but i am sure it will.

Master has also got me wanting a slave sister like mmftoy has. He tells how nice it would be if i could talk my female co-worker into being a slave with me for Him and my Mistress to play with. hell i can't even ask her if she shaves her pussy bald. how would i ask her to be a slave with Master, Mistress & me? oh well it gets me very wet just talking about it. i know us three girls would have a fun time if it ever did happen.


His fucktoy said...

You made me grimace & go "oh no" outloud!
Out of all the places i am beat (and really beat, to the point of "i can't move...") having a manipulated coat hanger whipping my cunt like a thefty-whore sounds like torture.

Then you add in being bound and gagged.

Well, when this happens, please let me know so i can come over and drool. LOL! But i am serious.

i have "2" playmates now! pet & cunt.

contented sigh... and a Wonderful Owner... could life get any better? (yeah, please keep the coat hanger away from my cunt...)

Have a nice holiday-
DL's toy

slave lucy said...

Sometimes the simplest things make the best toys:)

i am glad to see you having fun!

Slave lucy

Anonymous said...

I've used this same very thing, too. A white coat hanger just like yours.