Saturday, November 04, 2006

time change

makes for a naked drive home for me. yes you read that right. i drive home naked. it is dark out and if you notice other drivers on the road never look to see what is sitting next to them at a light. i do have very dark tint on the windows of my car, so them seeing me is just lucky thing for them.

i really enjoy being nude now since Master came along. He told me how beautiful my naked body is. i never had anyone love my naked body as much as He does, even me. He has well over 1500 pics of it and keeps taking more every chance he gets. He taught me to be proud of it and show as much skin as i can when i can.

i wear very little in the way of clothes to begin with. i have no panties as Master took those away from me a long time ago. bras are worn few and far between. most women would call a slut or worse for dressing without underware. Master does not allow panties to be worn at all and bras are allowed just when needed. yes even at church i sit there in just a skirt. i look around and wonder how many other women are like me. i am sure more do it than admit to it.

so driving home naked in nothing but a collar at night is a normal thing for me now. i know it sounds strange and i would have NEVER done it before i met Master. the stress of a day just goes away when you are naked.

Life is a a traveler....not a tourist.


Sheen V said...

I've driven naked from the waist down a few times, as well as in stockings or pantyhose and heels. Its a very thrilling experience indeed! At one toll booth, the attnedent really got an eyefull! Great new profile picture - love the stockings!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!! What happens if you were pulled up by police??


His fucktoy said...

i think it's actually "exciting" to wonder about those 'what if's', don't you?

How liberating. Were you so fucking turned on by this? i would have been!

kk said...

rosebud that just adds to the fun of doing it. getting caught by someone.

i guess i would just tell him i am a nudist and ask if there was some law against it. if no one is looking anyway who did i offend?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that i am not the only one in the lifestyle that goes to church.