Sunday, October 29, 2006

the mirror

last night i had just went to bed when Master told me to get up and go kneel in front of the large mirror that is on the back of the door. as you know i kneel naked each morning in the living room for 10 mins before leaving for the office. this past week Master had me kneel with my finger inside my pussy. so i finger myself for 10 mins every morning now while i kneel.

what a great way to start a day. well i was not expecting to have to kneel last night right at my bedtime but i did as told. as i kneeled i was to finger myself until i came as i watched myself in the mirror. Master ask me if i enjoyed watching a slut play with herself and i replyed yes. with that statement i started to cum. Master told me to keep playing even after i came.

i think in total i was in front of the mirror 20 mins all the while watching my hand playing in my wetness. than Master told me to get up and go send a email to Mistress telling her what i had just done. below is what i sent to her.


Tonight Master had me kneel naked in front of a long mirror on the door. While I was kneeling I was to have my finger in my pussy til I cum. Well that didn't not take very long before I had a very wet n throbbing pussy. I can still feel the wetness as I am sitting here naked sending this email to you. I love the way Master always makes me cum.


Master also told me on our next play day with Mistress i will be doing this in front of the three of them. they will watch while dressed as i will be the only naked one, as i bring myself to a orgasm in front of them. i know it won't take long for me to cum that day. hope i don't pass out from the excitement of it all. i have never masturbated in front of anyone but my Master.

but that is why i love Him, He makes me do fun things i would have never done in the past BM. (before Master)

slrn# 638-487-072

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Sheen V said...

Anticipation makes the pussy hotter!