Saturday, October 14, 2006

wow time flys

if you are having fun or not. i have not been having much fun in my life lately. it has nothing to do with Master as He is my rock. without Him it would be very bad. not going into details but everyone knows about family problems as we all have some in our life.

Master and i are going to have a play day today at a hotel. He said i need to get away for a while and enjoy some good bondage and and nice hard ass whipping. He knows just what to do to cheer me up, that is just the ticket.

i really enjoy serving Him it brings me a pleasure that i can not put into words. not long ago He made me kneel naked for Him 20 mins a day as a punishment. my punishment was up weeks ago, but i still kneel naked for Him everyday on my own. it is only for 10 mins now as i do it every morning before i leave for the office. Master said there is no better way to start off a day for a slave then on her knees.

if you have never served someone then you might not understand why i still do it. i feel very much closer to Him and very calm with myself when i kneel. it brings peace to my life for 10 mins a day as i kneel there naked for the world to see. i think of only Him and the love He has for me and how warm inside it makes me feel when i am kneeling.

all of my problems and worries go away for 10 mins everyday as i worship Master. what a great way to start off another day in a crazy world.

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His fucktoy said...

i hope you have/had fun!!

hotels bring out wild sides, don't they?!