Tuesday, October 03, 2006

thanks Titans

well if you follow this blog than you know what that title means. yes it is true my team won by 31 points and that is 62 swats to my ass.

i just received all 62. i was told to get naked and assume the position. i did as i was told, ass relaxed & not tensed up. the first ones where the worse, as it has been a long time since the wood paddle with the holes was used on my ass.

Master does not like to see me tense up my cheeks for my next swat. i did that a lot at the beginning. my ass needs to be relaxed to enjoy the pleasure of a good spanking. i was relaxed after the first few swats but not at first. they hurt like hell when he first started out but then i got into it and enjoyed each one more as it came. it really makes me wet to be punished hard.

He really knows now to paint my ass red. i just looked at it and it is shinning bright red and i am sure it will be black & blue in the morning. as long as i have color there i am a happy camper. i know that those are more marks of my Master and i love each one i get.

i never dreamed i would enjoy any of this as much as i do. i am a pain slut and very proud to admit it, not just on here but to others in person. Master might be telling someone about me and i will tell them yes i enjoy all that He does.

i just love a red ass.

slrn# 638-487-072

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