Tuesday, September 26, 2006


where did she go? in case you do not know who that is, she wrote a blog called (Life as His) and it was one that Master and i enjoyed reading very much.

the links to it are dead now and she gone. does anyone know where she went or why she left without a goodbye?

we miss her and the clan.


Anonymous said...

I don't know where Anissa went either but i too have been missing her. She had been talking about moving perhaps she is all caught up in that?

slave lucy said...

She is taking hiatus during her move.


His fucktoy said...

it is true, she put her blog on hold during the move. she'll be back!!

this girl said...

i hope she IS back - she has, with her words, taught me so much..i miss her writings tremendously. It's a bit startling that her site and email are kaput..

Hopefully she's ok and will be back...right?