Sunday, September 10, 2006

more fun & cum

after M&M worked my ass over with the crop & cane Master started kissing my cheeks to kiss away the pain. Mistress joined him and now i have both of them kissing my ass in a very tender loving way this time. that is why they call it pain and pleasure.

after that Mistress had me get up on my knees at the bottom of the bed bent over with my face in the sheets. i waited in that position as she walked over to Master to whisper something to him. my ass high in the air my legs spread wide i knew this might not be good for me. as Her & Master talked Her hubby picked up the crop from the bed and started playing with my hard nipples with the loop of the crop. we both laughed as he played with them and told me how there were.

not sure what M&M were talking about and it was a long talk but the next thing i know Master is lying on the bed next to me with Mistress going down on him. Her hubby then rolled me over on my back as he went down on me (a first for him & i) his tounge felt great licking at my balls (my piercing). Master then rolled Mistress over and licked her as She lie next to me. there we were Mistress & slave lying side by side as Master licked Mistress and her hubby licked slave.

i thought i was dreaming as this has NEVER happend in my lifetime. yes the four of us haved played before but never like this. i know that there is more fun and cum to come as we all enjoyed the day together. what fun it was for Master and i to have a little swing in our lives.

we ended our play and were just sitting around talking about us leaving. the four of us all naked and talking as you would to any friends with clothes on. it is so great that Master has shown me how to enjoy my naked self. He enjoys being nude and has lived that way most of his life, where i was one to never to leave my bedroom without all my clothes on. i mean i would never leave the house without bra and panties on. now i never leave it with them.

what a changed woman i am now and so very happy that i am. life is way to short not to enjoy naked pleasure.

p.s. i had to do knee time last light with my butt plug in as i failed Master once more in doing things as a good slave should. it hurt bad as it has been a while since i have had it in. then i took it out before being told to, now i have to do 40 mins on my knees in the corner tonight.


Sheen V said...

kk, your experiences are very arousing to read! Reading them allows me to fantasize what it would be like to trade places and feel the things you do. I'm curious what you did to be punished. I like the new profile picture, too.

kk said...

thanks for the comments sheen. what i did was post a very rushed posting to my blog. when Master saw it He deleted it and told me to do it again better. it was bad because i was tired.

i was given 20 mins on my knees in the corner for a bad post. when my time was up i just got and did not ask permission to do so.

that got me a a full week of knee time in the corner. i now ask permission before i get up.

glad you enjoy my blog and new picture. i am waiting to be caned in that shot.