Saturday, September 09, 2006

M. M. & m part2

Master opened the door to let my Mistress in. Her hubby was just dropping her off as he had to run to the office just for just a minute. She walked into the room dressed in a tank top and short shorts. Her nipples were hard and sticking out as she had no bra on. they looked great.

She talked with us as she made herself a drink. Master and I sat on the bed naked as we talked with her. as She was drinking her drink Master ask me if i would like one, i said no thank you. He said i should have one so i could show Mistress how i do it. i knew what He meant as he grabbed my leash and pulled me up from the bed. He then picked up my water bowl and sat it on the floor at Her feet. He told me my drink was ready and to drink it.

i got down on my knees and bent over to lick from my bowl as my Mistress watched me from above. i drank until i was told to stop by Master. He then pulled me up to my feet by my leash and handed it over to my Mistress. She took it and pulled me to Her for a wet kiss. i was then lead to the bed where she tried to blindfold me. i said oh no not that again and She well ok then just keep your eyes closed as She tossed it to the side. She told to lie down and wait as She needed to change.

with my eyes closed i could not see what She was wearing but i know now that it was a HOT pink scarf that she made look like a swim suit. it did not cover much but it did hide Her best parts from the eyes.

Master watched while Mistress and i enjoyed the touch of each others bodies. WOW!!! it just keeps getting better everytime i am with her. maybe it's because i am getting more relaxed with myself with Her. i don't know, but i do know that i love the way it makes me feel. Master was taking photos of us as we played then He joined in fun. i don't remember who was on who but i know we all were really enjoying each other when there was a soft knock at the door. we all looked at each other and laughed. it was Her hubby coming back.

he was very excited to be there with us finally. Master then showed him my new hood piercing since he had not seen it live & up close. they all made sure they got a very close up view of it. this got me very excited and very wet as the three of them looked at my very wet wide open pussy. nothing like having a person you work with every day stare at your naked pussy once in a while.

he made himself a drink and sat down as Mistress and i went back to playing with each other. after a lot of licking and cumming on both parts Master joined in the fun as Her hubby took more photos. he is very good with a camera and gets some nice shots.

Mistress took her scarf and wrapped it around my neck as she had me roll over on my stomach. Master handed her the flogger and she went to work on my ass and back. next came the crop and she is very good and very hard with it. Master said she does nice work with it. Her hubby said to Master show us some of your work. with that Master got out the cane and laid some good ones on me. both M&M where going at my ass at the same time. i had to guess which one it was and tell them thank you i deserve that may i have another. all i have to say is i LOVE IT and i want a LOT more of it.

there is more to cum but i need to run now.

p.s. worked all week braless again on my own. was not told to do it just did it as i seem to enjoy it more now. also i am doing 20 mins on my knees in a corner every night for 7 days as punishment for something bad thing i did.

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