Monday, September 04, 2006

M.M. & m

Master. Mistress. & me had one fun filled day. Master and Mistress had been wanting to get together for a play day but no one was sure when it could happen. well saturday it did happen. Master called the husband of my Mistress and told him that we where getting a room. He said his mother and her friend had stopped by and they would be there as soon as they could get away.

this gave Master and i time to play before they showed up. Master had me dress in a skin tight very short black body suit that has a zipper down the front of it with my white heels & collar on. i looked like a hooker walking though the parking lot of the hotel. the zipper was open way past my tits so they were very easy to see. there were a few guys in the lot driving by that took some very long looks at me.

once we made it in the room Master and i felt each other up and kissed like teenages in love as i removed all of his clothes. once he was naked it was on my knees for me to pleasure his smoothness. He then removed my suit and had me stand with my hands together behind me. He took stretch wrap and wrapped my arms together behind me. then he wrapped it around my body from my tits to my pussy. i was than sat on a stool and wrapped to it as my leg cuffs where tied to the back of the stool.

after i could not move i was tittie whipped with the flogger until they where a nice shade of red. then came the weighted tit clamps and blindfold as Master took pictures of me. my arms hurt bad and i begged for release as Master licked my baldness. he did not let me go right away but after more begging he did release my arms.

i ask if i could have a drink of water and he said NO. what i didn't know he was pouring my water in a bowl for me. he had get down on my knees on the floor and told if i wanted water to drink it from the bowl. i could not see the bowl for my blindfold but Master put face to the bowl. i drank my water just like a good Master's pet should, licking it from a bowl.

i needed to pee bad after drinking water most of the morning. when i ask if i could go to the batroom Master said yes but you will pee standing in the tub. Master led me to the bathroom and had me get in the tub face him & spread my legs wide and let it go as he took photos of the event. there is no being shy around Master.

it was back to the bedroom and some nice quite time rolling around the sheets with Master and some good hot sex. not long after our sex there was a knock on the door and it was Mistress and her husband. more on that later as this is running long. more fun to cum.

a big Thank you to Mistress for letting me serve you. i really enjoyed our day together. i long to feel the sting of your crop again very soon.

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slave lucy said...

Sounds like a fun time.

i am very interested in hearing about your experiences with Mistress. Master has a few Domme friends who He would like to include in our life but i am aprehensive. i would love to hear about a sister slaves experiences.

Thanks for sharing!!
Slave lucy