Tuesday, August 29, 2006

more new things

a bikini for me. i was instructed by Master to purchase a bikini he saw on the VS site that was on sale. now let me tell you i am not to sure about being seen in public in a string bikini. Master has already told me that i will be wearing it to the hotel pool after i walk from the room to the pool in nothing but it and heels.

i am very nervous about being out in public in a string bikini. but it will be done as it is what Master wants. i know the day it happens will be a very happy and fun one. He has already told me about how when we get back to our room there will be a plastic sheet laid on the bed and we both are to be covered in oil from head to toe. i have never done this with anyone either.

after my oil bath and some play time it will be tub time. we will have the room with the large jacuzzi. after a nice hot bath i will be put into bondage so my very soft wet ass can be whipped or caned. i am already for this to happen now but before any of this can happen the damm bikini has to show up.

due date is 09/12

i will keep you posted and i am sure He will post a pic of me on here wearing it.


slave lucy said...

i am a first time visitor and found myself reading and reading. i figured i would say hello and let you know that i am enjoying the window into your submission. Thanks for sharing!

Oh yeah, and the bikini night sounds FUN!
Slave lucy

Sheen V said...

I think you'd look spectacular in a string bikini! Great blog entry!