Saturday, August 19, 2006

i wonder does she

shave, trim or have a full bush? Master has had me going this week with that question about a co-worker. have you ever looked at another woman or a man for that matter and ask yourself if they shave there pubic hair.

when i first met Master mine was trimed at the time and i had only shaved it all off maybe once or twice in 50+ yrs. Master had told me that he liked bald pussy so before i let him see mine for the 1st time i shaved it smooth. that was even before i signed the slave contract that states i must keep it shaved at all times.

Master even keeps his smooth and has done so since 2000. He had been shaving on and off since about 1976 or so. He started shaving after he saw a porn movie with a shaved Marilyn Chambers in it. He would never shave his bald back then, just kept it trimed down, always being afraid someone would see it. He started to shave it all off in the 80's but would always let it grow back. New Years day 2000 it was shaved bald and has stayed that way since.

Master has even been waxed before many times by a lady that had a salon. She closed her shop and he has not found another one yet. He said that he would like to have a laser removal for us both but that will take a win of the lottery before that happens.

i must say that being smooth is the only way for me now. i can't stand seeing a bush on a woman now. being bald is normal for me now but it was not that way before Master came into my life.

hell i was even braless this week at work on my very own without being told to. it was just too hot to wear one. i would have never done that 2 yrs ago. and the boys enjoyed it as much as i did.

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Sheen V said...

I love the shaven feeling too.