Monday, August 21, 2006

20 points &

tits in a tight spot all day. Master gave me a very hard & hot spanking tonight with my own hair brush for my boys win last week. He said there will be no mercy for me this year as the boys hired T. O.
my ass is to suffer every game win or lose but much more with every win.

i was also in tit bondage today at work. after 6 days with no bra at all, now i must wear one that is to small. i was told to go find a bra two sizes smaller then what i wear yesterday. it took a lot of shopping as He wanted it to be a shear one also. well if you want shear then you need to have big tits. i have nice tits but not big tits. see them for yourself in my profile pic.

i ended up in the little girls department before i could even find one. i must say it was tight, but everytime i felt it i knew i was pleasing my Master and that is what counted most. i am also going to do it again tomorrow as i bought two for Him to choose from. now i must wear it also.

Master is always coming up with ways to keep my mind on being owned. this was just one more way for me to serve as His slave.


a fan said...

You do have nice tits & nice size too also would be great to see them in their bondage Also love the picture. I understand why you don't show face for privacy but imagine you are smiling knowing you are pleasing your Master

kk said...

yes fan i am smiling as this is my place of happiness. serving Master.